Top Three Reasons to Repair Your Avionics LCDs [Slideshare]

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To repair or replace? This is a question that buyers and repair administrators have to answer every day…

Those in charge of controlling costs for avionics systems and cockpit displays in particular have a rather large budget to manage as well as looming maintenance deadlines.

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are in new generation Boeing , Airbus, Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon and Lockheed Martin cockpits these days to name a few.

The fact that they are called glass cockpits demonstrates where the technology and investment has been placed in our military, commercial and corporate airframes.

Below are the top three reasons to repair your glass cockpit and avionics displays
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1. Dramatic cost savings

The larger displays can cost north of $50,000 to replace. Repair of these displays gives your company / department / airline a potentially large cost savings option. Savings of 30% or more are quite possible.

2. Revival of assets that are not currently marketable

This is a common issue- Every company has that pile of units that they keep in case a more economical option for the repair of those units comes about.

Multi-function displays and other expensive units with unserviceable LCDs are a prime candidate for specialized repair, thus creating marketable assets once again.

Those savings then create sales opportunities by passing them on to your customers or by avoiding the need to buy another unit all together.

3. Delivery / Turnaround time

Companies that have the ability to repair LCDs can typically complete the process in 14 to 21 days. New LCDs are purchased and the delivery is normally 30 days or longer.

In an industry like maintenance, repair and overhaul of units and aircraft, this can cause significant delays which are costly.

The following data indicated the expected purchases of new jets over the next 10 to 20 years.

New jets average five new displays each…

All the more reason to find your LCD repair supplier today.

Topic Facts

Corporate Jet Sales Over Next 10 Years

  • Corporate Jet Sales: $280 Billion
  • Total Corporate Jets to be Sold: 9,450
  • Estimated LCD Displays to be Purchased: 56,700

Worldwide Airline Sales Over Next 18 years

  • Airline Jet Sales: $5,200 Billion
  • Total Airline Jets to be Sold: 36,770
  • Estimated LCD Displays to be Purchased: 2.2 Million

Military Aircraft Sales Over Next 10 years

  • Military Jet Sales: $480 Billion
  • Total Military Jets to be Sold: 11,940
  • Estimated LCD Displays to be Purchased: 71,640
  • Total Cockpit LCD Displays to be Purchased: 2,328,340


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