Challenges of offering MRO services for Dassault Falcon Jets

 “We can turn your repair in 90 days.”


This is the last thing directors of maintenance or repair administrators or parts dealers want to hear. Yet it is often a reality in the aviation MRO services industry.

This is why we offer the following…

InterSky backs up its Dassault Falcon repair capabilities with exchange inventory

In a world where lead times for piece parts are averaging 60-210 days, it is vital for repair stations to find creative supply chain solutions for its customers.

Finding engineered repair solutions for out of production components is vital.

Many components installed on the Dassault Falcon 10 , 20, and 50 aircraft are now out of production. MRO service providers must find DER and PMA solutions to battle obsolescence.

Wencor Group is an excellent example of a company that continually produces PMA solutions for various airframe components. This helps reduce costs and delivery times for operators.


Dassault Falcon Flying

MRO Service providers that have experience working on Dassault legacy aircraft and its components keep operators flying right.

MRO service providers such as Saker Aviation Services have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working on these beautiful airframes. InterSky Precision Instruments brings 33 years of component repair experience to the table for components installed on various legacy Dassault Falcon airframes.

Less and less repair stations are keeping their Dassault Falcon component MRO services and capabilities.

It is essential to the overall operator and MRO service supply chains for repair stations to keep their legacy MRO capabilities. This is going to take cooperation between OEMs and third party providers.

Historically, it has been a challenge for third party repair stations to get technical information, parts or repair authorizations from OEMs that provide components to the Falcon series airframes. The fact is these planes were so well made that operators will hold onto them for as long as possible.

The Dassault Falcon 10 and 20 aircraft have proven to be absolute workhorses. Let’s keep them around and keep our operators flying.



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